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Praise Him in the Dance

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This is a community for people who:
-Love dance
-Love God

Now that sums most of it up, but if you want to join this community, you have to read the rest of the info.

This community has rules. You can post pretty much anything as long as it has somthing to do with God or dance. (as long as what you are writing isn't dishonoring God) You can post prayer requests, praise reports, dance pictures, advice on how to do a certain dance step right, Christian or dance icons, or even simple posts about dance or how you find a particular bible verse interesting. Pretty much anything along those lines. Of course those are not the only things allowed, I was just giving some examples. I would go on all day if I gave as many examples as I could!

However, there are rules~

No posting anything that is dishonoring to the Lord. You know what that means. No vulgar language, anything that would be even slightly dishonoring. This is a community to fellowship with other people who love God, and love dance, if you want to write something totally negative~ there are a ton of other communities for you to check out.

Please, if you post pictures or icons, put them behind a cut. All you do is put in your post before everything else.

Well, that's all to start out with. Hopefully by reading all of that, you should understand what this community is and is not for. Please be respectful~ and enjoy being part of the community!